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Sometimes it is unavoidable in life that you will need legal assistance. Whether you’re faced with a civil suit that you need to fight in court, a divorce that needs finalizing, or a real estate purchase that you’re planning to make, there are many different situations where acquiring legal advice is a good idea. Julien & Cormier is a law firm in Hawkesbury that is dedicated to helping you with all your legal issues.

We practice in the following domains of law:

  • Personal injury law

  • Civil litigation

  • Family law

  • Real estate law

  • Wills and estates

  • Criminal law

  • Corporate and commercial law

  • Wrongful dismissal

Each of our lawyers has specific areas that they prefer to handle, allowing our firm to be flexible with the kinds of cases we can take on. You’ll be matched with the lawyer that has the best knowledge of the area of law you need. We are a general law firm that practices more often in the areas of personal injury, family law, real estate, and wills and estate law.

We also able to help with a variety of other areas of law, such as:

Violent Crimes:

  • Assault

  • Domestic assault

Sexual Crimes:

  • Sexual assault

  • Sexual exploitation

  • Sexual interference with a minor

Driving Offences:

  • Impaired driving

  • Driving while prohibited

  • Careless driving

  • Dangerous driving

Property Crimes:

  • Theft (under $5000)

  • Theft (over $5000)

  • Fraud (under $5000)

  • Fraud (over $5000)

  • Uttering a forged document

  • Possession of stolen property

  • Mischief

  • Break and enter

  • Robbery


  • Obscenity

  • Solicitation

When you need the aid of a lawyer, contact us and book your initial consultation appointment.


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We are a law firm in Hawkesbury where several decades of combined experience can work for you!

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